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Our Next Step...

A few years back, the Chicago Harbor Safety Committee embarked on a grand project to make a video highlighting some of the unique characteristics of the waterways in Chicago. The local knowledge that is encapsulated in the video is a valuable resource for not only visitors to our port, but to those who navigate these waters more frequently as well.

We are now using this video as basis for a new learning management system which will culminate in an in house  certification. Using the button below, you can view our video and then take the attached quiz in order to recieve a certificate and decal for your boat. Show off your local knowledge and that you are serious about being an informed user of our waterways.

Once completed, print up your certificate and bring it to our next meeting to exchange it for your safe boater card.


We will update this video and training as  needed. Please let us know if there is something you think would be beneficial to add in.

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