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Thank you for your commitment to safety and your continued participation and support of the Chicago Harbor Safety Committee.


Annual Chicago Harbor Safety Committee membership dues:

$100 - For-Profit Organization Dues

$50 - Not-for-Profit Organization Dues

$50 - Associate/Individual Membership Dues

We thank you for any additional contributions or donations that you would like to include with your dues payments.

Amount Enclosed


Received from:

Name of Member Organization____________________________________________________________


Please be sure to include the name of your Member Organization and indicate if your organization is a for-profit (Organization Dues) a not-for-profit (not-for-Profit Organization), or an Associate/Individual Membership. 


Dues may be paid in one of the following manners:

1.         Zelle payments at or;

3.         Make check payable to:  Chicago Harbor Safety Committee and send to:


                              Chicago Harbor Safety Committee

                              c/o Don Campbell

                              Kindra Lake Towing, LP

                              9864 S. Avenue N., Suite 100

                              Chicago, IL  60617

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