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Chicago River Rowing Schedule

Information provided by the school or rowing association. For more information contact the individual school or organization.

St. Ignatius College Prep

Operating on the south branch from roughly Pulaski Ave. on the south to Lake St. on the north. They also utilize the south fork (Bubbly Creek).


  1. Monday – Friday. August 10 – November 1: 05:00 – 07:00. Both the boys and girls varsity teams. They usually travel in opposite directions after putting in at the Eleanor St. boathouse near Ashland.

  2. Monday – Friday.  August 10 – November 1: 15:00-17:00. Both the boys and girls novice (freshman/JV) teams. Same area, although they usually travel together.

  3. Saturday. August 10 – November 1: 06:00-10:00. All teams, with the varsity team usually 06:00-08:00 and the novice team 08:00-10:00.


The coaches accompany the teams in a small boat and they monitor channel 16. They give a call on Channel 16 when they are entering the river and will begin giving calls every 30 minutes while they are in the river. The coaches have asked if it is possible for your boats to give a call on 16 when they are entering the area between Pulaski and Lake, especially during the time periods listed above.

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