Sector Director Application

Please take a few moments to read through the duties and responsibilities tied to this position. Click through on the bottom of the page to continue through the application if you are up to the task. Your application will be shared with your sector members if there are multiple people running for the position in your sector.

To be eligible you must be the primary contact named on your organization's accepted CHSC membership application.

  • Participate and apply your expertise in support of projects, working groups and or sub committees relating to your sector and or CHSC business.

  • Maintain and organize a task force comprised of stakeholder organizations (Sector membership) within your sector to coordinate and communicate matters relating to the sector.

  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the sector you represent and seek out new sector organizations for membership in the CHSC.

  • Endeavor to keep the CHSC relevant in the maritime domain through maintaining a positive and proactive attitude concerning safety and the environment

  • Be responsible for keeping your sector task force informed and updated on issues arising that relate to stakeholder interests.

  • Advise other sector representatives when issues relating to safety may apply in their area of responsibility.

  • Be responsible for seeking input from the sector you represent on matters coming before the BOD for a vote.

  • Organize, lead and document sector meetings in person monthly or more frequently as needed (Such as during a safety/security sensitive event). These meetings may be via electronic means or in person.

  • Update the Board of directors at the monthly meeting and the CHSC general membership at the quarterly meeting on actions, projects, or subcommittee accomplishments.

  • Cast a vote on issues coming before the BOD for action.

  • Must endeavor in earnest to attend all quarterly CHSC meetings and BOD meetings unless excused by the President or Vice President for personal or health related issues.