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Charter Boat & UPV Workshop Returns

The Charter Boat and UPV Workshop is back and we couldn't be more proud to host it along with the United States Coast Guard Marine Sector Unit Chicago, Chicago Ship Masters', and ARBOO.


This workshop will cover the following topics:

- charter vessel safety (navigation safety, locking safety, required safety equipment)

- state requirements for operating your boat as a charter vessel

- guidance on federal requirements for operation as a commercial passenger vessel (UPV or SPV) vs operation as a recreational charter

Join us April 11, 2023 at the Chicago Yacht Club - Monroe Station

400 E Monroe St. Chicago IL 60603

April 11th from 6-9 pm


​For parking for this event. CYC has discounted passes ($16) for the Millennium Parking Lakeside Garage, it is located just across Lake Shore Drive from the Monroe Street Clubhouse (our event space). These passes can be purchased through the clubhouse's special events office or on site at their front desk. Pass along the flier.

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