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Recreational Charter without Crew Provided

A vessel may operate as a "recreational charter" and carry one charterer who is allowed to bring up to 12 guests. The charterer must choose and independently pay the master and crew (deckhands and anyone else paid to perform a service such as cooks, dancers, etc.). There should be a record onboard the vessel of the transaction paid to each person who is paid to operate or provide some other service onboard the vessel. It is strongly advised that this type of rental/charter agreement should have a written contract. The total number of passengers onboard should never be above the passenger count as calculated below:

**Also note, if you are onboard this type of vesssel and coached to falsely state that you were either "paid to be onboard" or a "family member" you can be held personally liable for telling false statements to law enforcement personnel. 

** If you have additional questions, or if the rental you're on does not match the description seen here, you can report the discrepancy through CGIS Tips here or call the Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan Command Center at (414) 747-7100.

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