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CAPT John Cameron (USCG, ret.)

Executive Board Member, Charleston Area Harbor Safety Committee, and Executive Director, Charleston Branch Pilots Association

As Executive Director of the Charleston Branch Pilots since 2009, Captain Cameron directs harbor

pilot operations serving all trade through the Port of Charleston, and manages government and industry affairs.

Captain Cameron's 23-year Coast Guard career focused on port safety and security. Assignments included Chief of Marine Safety for the Port of New York, and on 9/11, he was assigned to the New York City Mayor’s staff to coordinate port security and marine operations. During the Iran-Iraq War, he served as the lead inspector for the Kuwaiti National Oil Tanker Fleet. His final tour prior to retiring was as Sector Commander and Captain of the Port, Charleston, where he led all Coast Guard operations in South Carolina and Georgia. 

Captain Cameron is appointed by the Governor to the South Carolina Emergency Response Commission, by Senator Lindsay Graham to his Homeland Security Coalition, and by Senator Tim Scott to his Veterans Advisory Committee. He serves on the Boards of Trustees of the Coast Guard Foundation, and of the Maritime Association of South Carolina, and has served on the Executive Board of the American Salvage Association. Locally, he is a past President of the Propeller Club of Charleston.

Captain Cameron is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy and the Graduate School of the University of Michigan.

CAPT John Cameron (USCG, ret.)
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