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CAPT Steve White (USCG, ret.)

Executive Director, Marine Exchange of Alaska

Captain Steve White joined the Marine Exchange as the Executive Director in September of 2021 after serving 31 years in the Coast Guard.

Steve served in a variety of assignments throughout the world with the Coast Guard and Navy.  He has patrolled in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. Alaska is his passion where he served 7 tours including 4 ship assignments, 2 of which as the Commanding Officer. His final tour was as the Sector Commander and Captain of the Port for Southeast Alaska.

Now at the non-profit Marine Exchange of Alaska, he enjoys leading a team that builds and maintains Marine Safety Sites throughout Alaska. These sites gather a variety of data and provide wide ranging services from real-time weather to critical communications. The Marine Exchange of Alaska’s NAIS infrastructure accounts for about 1/3 of the entire system utilized by the United States. In addition, The Marine Exchange operates a 24-hour World-Class Maritime Operations Center that conducts Sea Traffic Management across the Pacific Ocean, from the Panama Canal, to Eastern Asia up and down, the West Coast of North American and into the Northern most latitudes of the US/Canadian Arctic.

The Marine Exchange of Alaska works with other Marine Exchanges along the West Coast to provide Sea Traffic management to improve efficiency, protect the environment, ensure safe transits and reduce the impact to wildlife.

CAPT Steve White (USCG, ret.)
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