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Capt. Bob Blair

Chair, Massachusetts Bay Harbor Safety Committee, and Senior Pilot, Eastern Point Pilots

CAPT Daniel Cost (USCG)

Chief, Office of Design and Engineering Standards, U.S. Coast Guard

CAPT Kevin Kiefer (USCG, ret.)

Chief, USCG Office of Waterways and Ocean Policy

Jim Elliot

Lone Star and Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committees, and Chief Operating Officer, Teichman Group, LLC

Capt. John DeCruz

Chair, Harbor Safety, Navigation, and Operations Committee of the Port of New York/New Jersey, and Pilot, The United NY/NJ Sandy Hook Pilots Association

CAPT Steve White (USCG, ret.)

Executive Director, Marine Exchange of Alaska

David Lewald

Program Analyst-Navigation Systems, USCG

Kathy Metcalf

President and Chief Executive Officer, Chamber of Shipping of America

CAPT Zeita Merchant (USCG)

Commander, USCG Sector New York

John McDermott

Sector Chair Human Powered Craft, Chicago Harbor Safety Committee

Patrick Gallagher

Chair of Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee

Michael Breslin

Director of Safety and Sustainability, American Waterways Operators

Brian Tetreault

Marine Transportation System Program Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Dan Plumley

Director Marine Operations, Sabine Pass Liquefaction

Don Campbell

Vice President of the Chicago Harbor Safety Committee

ADM Linda Fagan

Commandant, United States Coast Guard

Mike Emerson

Director, USCG Marine Transportation Systems Management

CAPT Kip Louttit (USCG, ret.)

Executive Secretariat, Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Safety Committee

RADM Jon Hickey

Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Ninth District

Kathi George

Marine Mammal Working Group, San Francisco Harbor Safety Committee, and Director of Cetacean Conservation Biology, The Marine Mammal Center

Kevin Sligh

Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

CAPT Ryan Manning (USCG)

Commander, USCG Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach

Carleen Lyden Walker

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, North American Marine Environmental Protection Association

Todd Ripley

General Engineer, Office of Safety, U.S. Maritime Administration

J.J. Plunkett

Chair of the Waterways Utilization Subcommittee, Lone Star Harbor Safety

Capt. Mike McElroy

President, Chicago Harbor Safety Committee, and Director of Marine Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Wendella Boats

Capt. John Betz

Chair Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Safety Committee

RADM Wayne Arguin

Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, United States Coast Guard

Racheal Dempsey

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Navigation, Observation, and Positioning NOAA's National Ocean Service

Clayton "Clay" Diamond

Executive Director- General Counsel, American Pilots Association

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